IKEA SPÄNST campaign

Spotify campaign

In collaboration with Spotify, LiveWall developed a campaign for the new urban collection from IKEA.

IKEA launches their new collection SPÄNST in May 2018. With this SPÄNST collection, IKEA collaborates with the in LA based fashiondesigner Maja Ganszyniec. Inspired by street fashion and an active lifestyle , the SPÄNST collection includes furniture, accessories and other products to help you display and store your favorite items at home.

Spotify campaign
IKEA created a total campaign in Sweden in collaboration with Spotify. In this campaign the user can listen to every track that perfectly fits with the collection from IKEA. This is how LiveWall came to the new concept. Based on the users favorite products from the IKEA collection, a personal playlist will be put togehter. A couch will result in more relaxt songs in your playlist and a skateboard will result in streetstyle tracks. Based on the chosen products, the playlist will fit perfectly with the personal taste of the user. The campaign will be greatly announced on Spotify.


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